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Nano Breathe is a mineral foliar spray which increases your plants ability to process light up to 33%. It´s a complex of naturally occurring minerals, organic compounds and carbon that has been milled super fine into an easy to use organic micro element and CO2 leaf spray solution for super boosting the growing potential of your plant.

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  • Increases indoor and outdoor growth rates
  • Provides key growth minerals
  • Improves overall plant health and stress tolerance
  • Makes plant use energy inputs more efficiently
  • Prolongs crop shelf life
  • Prevents premature fruit drop
  • Boosts harvests and yields
  • Leaves no harmful residues

Why should I use Nano Breathe?

Nano Breathe offers the latest advancement in bio plant growth technology, allowing you as a grower to bend the rules of nature, literally enabling your plant to process up to 1/3 more light than those untreated. Plants with a greater photon carrying capacity, simply have more energy to grow, and we see vastly increased rates of development across all key stage markers, resulting finally in bigger, healthier harvests.

When should I use Nano Breathe?

Nano Breathe is best applied to plants that have a number of existing leaves. Typically, once your plants has around 3 full leaf sets it is time to apply Nano Breathe. Depending on your plants, this can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks after germination. Apply Nano Breathe approximately every 3-4 weeks, or after a 20% increase in new plant growth. Apply Nano Breathe up to harvest, except on short day crops which are traditionally applied for the last time around week 4-5 of bloom.

How do I use Nano Breathe?

Mix Nano Breathe with chlorine free water at a rate of 5g/L (1tsp/2.2pints US) and apply using a foliar spray. Care should be taken when applying Nano Breathe to ensure the material remains agitated and so suspended in the water. For best coating we highly suggest mixing Nano Breathe using a hand mixer/blender. Failure to keep the solution mixed may result in none of the product making its’ way on to your plant. This is because although Nano Breathe is extremely fine, it will settle in water over time.

Shaking the spray gun continuously ensures correct application. Be sure to cover the underside of the leaves and that all leaves have a good covering. For even coverage, we advise using a wetting agent such as our Bio Hydrate. Once dry, a white/grey spotting on your leaf surface should be visible, this is perfectly normal, harmless and confirms correct application, although we appreciate it, it might be seen as unsightly by some. Wetting agents will help reduce this effect, and it will weather over time naturally.

TIP: Nano Breathe can be used at ½ strength as a seed wetter. Simply mix 2.5g/L and roll the seeds in the solution. Air dry the seeds before planting. Applying to seeds in this way results in faster germination, with less damping off and faster growth rates.

To further increase germination rates and boost plant growth rates and health from the get-go, we suggest treating the soil with Bio-Media Pro and seeding with Root better.

WARNING: Do not overuse Nano Breathe, as this could create an overload of some elements.

What media types are suitable for Nano Breathe?

As Nano Breathe is a foliar applied system, it is suitable for any and all media types.

What is the pH range of Nano Breathe?

Nano Breathe has a wide pH range but should not be used outside of pH 5.5 to 11. For best results, use in near neutral pH 7.0. It is not necessary to pH even in hydroponic media, as it is a leaf application.

From where does the COcome from in Nano Breathe?

The base material degrades to CO2 by utilising pre-existing H+ ions in the leaf space and water. The charged hydrogen ions, radicals from the photosynthetic process, bind to the parent material of NB, which reacts to release CO2 inside the leaf space. This action releases the Ca, Mg and Fe also tied up in the parent material.

This is made possible by raw earth chemistry and our human ingenuity. We have milled the parent material and in doing so, at supersonic speeds, we have reorganised the chemical matrices of each element and so reversed the charge from Ca2+ to CaO

It is this clever use of natural charge and our ability to manipulate it through specialist grinding technology, tied to the size of particles in NB, that allows it to pass readily in and out of stomata on plant leaves. We have reduced NB to a molecule size which mimics water 😉 This is how we pass in and out of the plant with ease and bypass internal systems which might otherwise slow availability.

Its not just CO2 that matters in NB, it is its combination of CaO which boost a plants transport system and increase resistance to many moulds, it is the Magnesium and Iron which increases chlorophyll and photoreceptor counts by about 1/3 improving the plants ability to process and convert light energy in to ATP energy again more readily transported and boosted by said CaO responses.

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Boost Fragrance and Shelflife, Boost Plant Growth Rate and Yield, Strengthen Plant Immune System and Stress Tolerance


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