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Grow Better
With Bio-Organic Fertilisers

More Abundant Nutritious Harvests with Less Effort, Input and Cost Overall

We stand for

Restoring and boosting soil health by laying foundation for flourishing biodiversity

We know

A living diverse soil helps grow more nutritious and clean abundant harvests


For a better future, synthetic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides must be avoided

Problems with current food production

At Better Organix we have long understood that much of the food lining our supermarket shelves today is deficient in many ways.

More often than not, it is grown and harvested to suit retail aesthetics and distribution models, not human nutritional demands. As a consequence it is picked prematurely before its natural ripening is complete and full nutritional spectrum realised.

In addition, most of our food is grown intensively in soil or water which lacks the necessary vitality needed to achieve full plant potential, as the common farming methods used contribute to an overall loss of fertility in our systems.

A prime example of a misguided concept is tillage or the disturbance of land based on the fixed belief that plants need us to loosen soil around their roots to help them grow. Such malpractices literally uproot our soils’ capacity for nutritional retention and create an annual dependency on synthetic salt based fertilisers. The end result is increased salt levels that destroy delicate elemental balances and cause widespread soil profile collapse.

Furthermore, our soils are annually sterilised with non-target specific antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Almost all of which are hostile to many vital species and wider pollinators who would otherwise be aiding our plants, soils and us.

This global mass production monoculture oriented agriculture and its short-term economic policy continues to erode ecological biodiversity and limit our own health and future security. The negative effects can easily be seen in the decline in nutritional value, shelf life, flavour and scent of our food.

Ready to grow Better?

To reverse the negative trends impacting our global food supply, soil and ecosystems, we at Better Organix have reconsidered many of the current models of food production.

For us, the way forward is simple: we must aim to be sustainable through a deeper understanding of life in our soil systems and upgrade our toolkit by looking at how nature has adapted over hundreds of millions of years.

It’s crucial to understand how nature grows our rainforests, the most efficient and complex habitats on our planet, and how different ecosystems recover from stress or cope when things go wrong.

Only by doing so can we hope to produce the right harvest at the right time and safely meet increasing global demand.

We must start realising and studying the complexity of nature’s nutrient cycle, the soil food web. This system is how the natural world realises full potential, keeps itself in balance and prevents widespread system failure. It is the power behind the most productive natural plant systems on Earth.

Through uncovering this critical network under our feet we can better represent nature to fundamentally improve the value of our food and long term sustainability of our land.

Only a balanced and healthy soil food web supports carbon capture, clean water, a healthy nutrient cycle – ultimately, the vitality of every living thing.


Wishing to safeguard the integrity of the soil food web, we combined decades of growing knowledge and thorough research to design a range of highly concentrated organic and veganic products.

The Better OrganiX product range mimics nature by enriching soil composition to facilitate a diverse habitat teeming with life, which helps maximise plant potential. When combined, our system allows soil conditioning for a wide array of uses, indoor and out.

For us, our products have proven to be clean, balanced and powerful organic solutions which deliver everything our plants need across their life cycle whatever the makeup of your soils or soil replacement media. The result has always been vigorous growth of healthy abundant harvests, nutrient dense food, nose-filling scents and vivid colour from our flora, all while protecting the ever-important soil life and structure.

We ensure our products are produced ethically and in keeping with the organic ethos. All bar one are produced from plant derived matter and we use natural fermentation methods on all our naturally sourced inputs.

It is possible to grow with 100% vegan inputs and as we test the heck out of our products in real life situations, we feel confident enough to guarantee you that they deliver.

About Better Organix

We aspire to what our name stands for because we want to live better, richer and more fulfilling lives – only possible when we are healthy. Thus, in order to achieve peak performance and longevity we require clean nutrient-dense food.

Simply put, our mission is to:

  • Help promote, maintain and restore living soil food webs
  • Improve the quality of everything we grow
  • Deliver consistent and abundant harvests
  • Increase the perfume and quality of the flowers we cultivate
  • Limit and reverse our impact on soils, nature and the environment
  • Spread awareness of a healthy nutrient cycle
  • Learn and share all things soil related

As a group, we started out by addressing some of the problems we as gardeners, horticulturalists and farmers all encounter. As we cannot just pick up our soils and replace them en masse, we began with “how can we attain peak soil fertility and ensure continuous growing with a predictable output?” and “how can we optimise the limited and fixed growing spaces in our backyards and locales?”.

We wanted to develop a solution that would ensure even the most limited of spaces could be managed to remain productive and free of problems for a lifetime. The system we designed works on all areas, no matter how big or small, indoor and out.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t live on acres, but small homes surrounded by small plots that we might even be able to use for food or flower cultivation.

Most of our product range is produced in-house, on our carbon neutral farms. In some rare instances, and where this makes sense, some ingredients are sourced via our close network of like-minded organic partners.

We all love to grow our own and thus have a genuine hands-on experience with growing on all levels. Our team is based on two working farms 4,000 km apart, one in the far cold north of Europe and one in the hot and dry south, so we cover weather conditions at their most extremes.

We think you will find us able to help you whatever your location, plot, pot size or skill level. Our team is always available to answer any further questions about our products and organic methods, so feel free to contact us.