Bio-Floret is an organic liquid plant fertiliser and biological stimulant specific to flowering and fruit based crops. It contains an NPK ratio of 3-0-8 and is best suited for growth and the development of rich fruits and flora, across a wide range of blooming and flowering crop types.

Bio-Floret is a dual purpose liquid in that it both directly feeds plants and contains stimulants that actively encourage the development of beneficial microbes, especially those known to have positive impacts on flowering crops.

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  • Increases yield potential, disease resistance and essential oil production
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use on plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes, fruits and flowers
  • Promotes vigorous fruit and flower development
  • Increases plant stress resistance
  • Encourages beneficial soil/plant organisms
  • Prolongs crop shelflife
  • 100% organic and natural

Why should I use Bio-Floret?

Bio-Floret is 100% veganic, all of the ingredients are plant sourced and 100% natural. It contains the power of carbons and is custom blended to get the very best from our flowering crops. The sugars and carbohydrates contained in Bio-Floret ensure a rich production of essential oils and high BRIX fruit and veg, with carefully selected fruit and flora boosting minerals, amino acids and enzymes known to have positive impacts on sugar uptake for example.

When should I use Bio-Floret?

Bio-Floret works as a flowering cycle plant feed, typically applied during the bloom/flowering cycle of a plants’ development.

Indoors, Bio-Floret is applied for the first time in the Better Organix system once your plant has been switched to a shorter day cycle (12/12). In outside spaces it’s applied at first sign of flower.

It can then be used continuously as a single feed or with other flowering/bloom additives, such as K+AMINO.

It can be  used to great effect in a grow/bloom feed system with Bio-Veg, especially where plants are known to substantially increase size during transition to flower. Bio-Floret can be used up until harvest, although we advise reducing to half dose in the days prior to harvest.

How do I use Bio-Floret?

Bio-Floret can be applied at between 0.5 and 2ml/L (1/20th to 2/5th tsp per 2 pints US) of chlorine free water. Add at lower levels with each feed, or at the maximum level once a week as a drench or foliar application. Coco and hydro users can feed with each irrigation at the lower level, upping levels as required to the maximum 2ml/L.

We recommend hydro users adjust the pH of Bio-Floret in line with media recommendations for best effect. Use a product such as Bio-Balance Foliar to ensure lines and drippers remain clear of organic matter, prolonging equipment life and reliability.

What media types are suitable for Bio-Floret?

Bio-Floret is a versatile product, add it to any soil or hydro based media, both as a direct feed, or via a nutrient irrigation system.

What is the pH range of Bio-Floret?

In soil systems with active biology, such as those promoted by the Better Organix system, pH should not be relevant. In soil-less and hydroponic substrates you may need to pH the solution to keep within acceptable tolerance levels determined by your media choice. We only recommend organic pH down agents, such as Citric Acid based.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 4.7 × 4.7 cm
Pack sizes

100ml, 1L, 6 x100ml

Growth stage

Flowering Growth


Boost Fragrance and Shelflife, Boost Plant Growth Rate and Yield, Strengthen Plant Immune System and Stress Tolerance


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