BOX Fruit and Vegetable Market Now Open in Alicante, Spain

BOX Fruit and Vegetable Market Now Open in Alicante, Spain

Hey all, just a quick taste of the mouthwatering work Andy, the bio-brains of the Better Organix outfit, has got going down in his farm in Alicante, Spain.


After a long winter and spring spent on planning and cultivating the soil from a “rock solid dirt” to “a safe haven for life”, Andy has now started sharing the first fruit and vegetables with the market.

Everything has been grown in soil brought back to life with our organic product range and has been given a right good boost up the nutrient ladder with BOX and other natural soil amendments using sustainable methods.

If  you’re interested in the what, how and why or any specifics, drop us an email at

But now, feast your eyes on these:

English Scarlet Emperor Runner beans

Andy’s still picking these mean beans he had growing in Bicester, England.  Despite being told that it’s not possible to grow them in Spain, turns out it is. Easy-peasy, go figure 😉  (PS. with Root Better…anything is possible)

Tomatoes – Gargantuan on average, these vitamin bombs as sweet, juicy and fleshy as they come.


Courgettes, cucumbers and cabbages – these devils are so juicy you could easily find them by just divining for water.


and of course, the best part is getting the whole band to play together.



There’s more to come since the melons will be ready soon.

So get in touch or hop on by the market before they’re all gone.

Stay tuned and adios.



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