A Growing Guide for Short Day Crops

A Growing Guide for Short Day Crops

This post is about preparing and conditioning soil with the Better Organix product range. Our range is a low phosphate system that relies on active biology to cycle phosphates on demand and at a rate set by our plants, not us.

To read more about this cycling we suggest you read our post about “The phosphorous problem – As solved by nature

We are committed to delivering safe, environmentally sound plant growth systems that allow us as growers to get the very best out of our plants, without damaging the local environment, water systems, soil ecology and ultimately human health.

Getting started – Conditioning your soil

Keep in mind, our grow system is based on active biology, we have low P products at either end of our system, this is quite deliberate and has a number of ecological decisions that support it. To get to know them, read our post about “The phosphorous problem – As solved by nature”. 

  1. Add 5g of Bio-Media Pro to 100L of shop brought soil either by mixing or watering in
  2. Add 1ml/L Bio-Hydrate to chlorine free water, wet media until you see a small run off at the bottom of your pots. (tip: its a good idea to ensure at this stage, the plant pot is not in standing water, so remove any excess to ensure good airflow)
  3. Your media is now ready for you to plant your seeds or rooted cuttings.
  4. Regular watering with Bio-Balance Media will maintain ideal pH and EC, improving your medias ability to hold, and deliver plant ready nutrients. We recommend adding 1g/L at least once a week across the entire growing cycle, can be included with all other Better Organix products or used as a stand alone.

Growing from seed – Germination

  1. Mix up 1ml/L of K+AMINO with some PH neutral water pour a small amount in to a clean vessel. (tip: we use a small, clear drinking glass to get a good all round view of the solution)
  2. Add your preferred seeds to the K+AMINO/H2O solution. (tip: some seeds may float on the surface at first, this is perfectly normal, but over time, you should see seeds sinking to the bottom of the vessel)
  3. Remove all seeds from the solution, after 24hrs Max, some may have opened and have visible roots, these should be removed and planted in the pre staged media as per your seed packet advice immediately. (tip: seeds still floating after 24hrs are usually old stock and often have poor germination rates so should be avoided where possible).
  4. For extra security, you can place a tiny amount of Root Better in to a seed hole, placing your seed on top. This will ensure early colonisation of the Mycorrhiza to your plants root system, increasing your seedlings rate of survival.
  5. Gently damp your media but avoid over watering.
  6. Place your planted seed pots in a warm area with good light but ideally not direct sunlight
  7. Do not allow your media to dry out, but always take great care never to over water seeds. Its a good idea to use a liquid spray/ vaporiser to prevent the chance your seeds will be in standing water.

Transplanting Seedlings and Rooted Cuttings

Prepare your media for the larger containers you will be using as per the Preparing your media section above.

  1. Gently remove your seedlings exposing the roots, dust the entire root area with Root Better
  2. Place your dusted seedling or rooted cutting in to the new media, water in again being careful not to over water your young plants. (tip: between 30 – 40% is an ideal moisture level)

Early Vegetative Growth (weeks 1-4)

Once you see around 3- 4 full leaf sets, it may be time to apply your 1st liquid feed. If you have followed the steps above, this will be anywhere from 3-4 weeks from inital planting of seed. If grown from cutting, this could be 1-2 weeks from transplant.

  1. Mix Bio-iNitiate 5.0.2 at a rate of 1-3ml/L water (tip: less is more, start on the lower dose, up the level if you feel you need to. Its easy to unbalance young plants by over feeding)
  2. Use Bio-iNitiate once a week at full strength of each time at 1/3 dosage.

Full Vegetative Growth (week 4-8)

  1. Mix 1-5ml/L Bio-Veg and drench
  2. Feed Bio-Veg once a week at full strength, or with each irrigation at 1/3 dosage.
  3. At 1st sign of bloom, alternate your Bio-Veg Feeds with 5ml/L K+AMINO for maximum flower set
  4. Bio-Veg is an excellent transition nutrient and should be used until full flower set in combination with K+AMINO

Flowering Growth (week 6-10)

  1. Mix 1-5ml/L Bio-Floret and drench your media
  2. Alternate feeds with full strength K+AMINO for best results on flowering and fruiting crops
  3. Always allow your media to dry a little between irrigation in heavy bloom

Pre Harvest (weeks 8-14+)

1. Mix 1ml/L K+AMINO to harvest

2. Always allow media to dry before harvesting fruits and flowers to improve shelf life and to aid the drying process for herbs etc

3. We dont flush, so there is no need to stop using K+AMINO. In fact we advise people that the properties of K+AMINO continue to support the production of sugars, essential oils etc and the bacteria help restore balance for future planting and media recycling.

Happy Growing

Better Organix

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