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We offer our products with a 180 day money back guarantee. All products are 100% organic and veganic, except Bio-Veg, which is not plant derived.

Worm-rich compost


Vegan compost with a very high worm density for starting your own worm farm.

Produced for those who wish to start vermicomposting or worm farming, increase the worm population in their soil or feed their poultry, game, fish or any other worm loving animals. This product is an ideal vermicomposting starter mix, just place it in a suitable container to start your own worm farm. Anyone collecting from us is welcome to a free tour & introduction to vermicomposting. Available with Estonian & English guides.

The worms are fed either EM1 inoculated wood chips or vegan “manure”. Vegan manure is made from a mixture of plants and wood chips. On initial handling it looks, smells and handles like manure, but is completely plant based. The compost is clean and has not been exposed to waste from the animal industry that could contain residues of medicine or herbicides. Worm-rich compost contains a large number of worms, enough to start the composter, as well as partially undegraded food, so that they have something to feed on until they adapt to the new environment.

To start your composter, we recommend half-spreading worm-rich compost on the lowest floor and the second floor. to create a so-called bed of compost supplied to the worms, to which they could retreat should the environment become unfavorable as fresh bio-waste decomposes.

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Pack sizes

5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 2x25L

selling points

Wormrich compost, Increases growth rates, Improves nutrient cycling



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