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We offer our products with a 180 day money back guarantee. All products are 100% organic and veganic, except Bio-Veg, which is not plant derived.

Grower Pack


The Grower Pack is for those who are eager to start using bio-organic fertilisers or those already slightly familiar with growing naturally.

The Grower Pack includes:

  1. Root Better – Essential mycorrhizae and bacteria for a healthy soil
  2. K+Amino – Essential bacteria, minerals and amino acids
  3. Bio-iNitiate – N and minerals to get your young plants off to a strong start
  4. Bio-Veg – Stronger N and minerals, amino acids for vegetative growing phase
  5. Floret – Bloom time N and minerals, amino acids for blooming plants

Additional information

Weight 692 g
Dimensions 29.5 × 8.8 × 9.0 cm


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Bio-Hydrate is a next generation, ultra concentrated, plant based surfactant or bio-wetting agent, penetrator and bio stimulant that is 100% plant safe and non-toxic, which:

  • Improves media, water, air holding capacity and pH
  • Aids strong disease free roots increase growth
  • Reduces water inputs and increases access to nutrients
  • Is safe on young plants, seeds and seedlings
  • Improves crop growth uniformity, health and yield
  • Encourages beneficial plant organisms

Root Better is an extremely easy to use, once in a plant lifetime root and seed treatment for most common plant types.

It contains a combination of growth promoting and stress reducing mycorrhizal fungi and their related biomes of bacteria which:

  • Improve growth rates, including yield potential
  • Improve plant health and stress resistance
  • Decrease soil erosion and reduced soil compaction
  • Reduce transplant shock and damping off
  • Increase access to nutrient resources
  • Increase access to water